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Get your chimney sweep or fireplace cleaning services done by the professionals!Are you looking for a quality Chimney Sweep or Fireplace Cleaning in the Local Los Angeles County area? We have specialists who can handle any commercial or residential cleaning projects you may have! If you don’t have your chimney or fireplace cleaning regularly it can be a serious problem. You shouldn’t pay outrageous prices to get professional fireplace cleaning done in Los Angeles. Ask about or promotions and free estimates for chimney sweeps! We take pride in being a leading fireplace cleaning company and have served many residential homes and commercial properties in Southern California.

Eco Green Group brings to the local Los Angeles community only quality Chimney Sweep & Cleaning Technicians! If you are looking for cleaning service for either residential or commercial properties, we can take car of any size project. Our cleaning professionals are well qualified for any job! Don’t let your chimney or fireplace turn into a serious hazard that can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Our experienced experts can perform all the necessary tasks so that your fireplace or chimney is clean for regular use again. We will see to it that you will get the best deals and prices available on fireplace cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA! If you require a Chimney Sweep or you need a Fireplace Cleaning in the local Los Angeles area, contact us today and get a FREE estimate! As a leading cleaning company in the industry, we understand the importance of having your chimney or fireplace clean as a whistle. Inquire today for service plans and reasonably priced fireplace cleaning services. Our team of specialists and office staff are here to help with any fireplace cleaning problems you may be experiencing.

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Do I need my Chimney Swept or Fireplace Cleaned?

There are many reasons that tell you Cleaning Services should be performed.

Most common signs:

1. Home smells like smoke
2. Smoke builds up when in use
3. Thick residue is present on surface

Inquire within if you need a cleaning specialist or need to determine that a cleaning needs to be done at your residential home or commercial property in Los Angeles, California. Eco Green can resolve all of your cleaning problems today!


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Eco Green Group has maintained a solid work ethic in order to getTop Ratings with both the BBB and Angie’s List, which includes more than 430 “A” Reviews from Angie List! We are proud to deliver top Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning Services in the residential and business region of Los Angeles. Call today and get your cleaning problems fixed! Don’t let your fireplace become a hazard! You will be glad to have your fireplace clean and functioning properly again.hac-services-spc

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Chimney Fireplace Cleaning – Los Angeles, CA
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