Rotobrush Terms & Conditions

Limitations, Terms and Conditions Covering Eco Green’s On-Line Special Rotobrush Service Package:
One vent for $29.95 (additional vents are $29.95 per additional vent), which includes application of deodorizer and an 11 point Inspection:

1. The On-Line Rotobrush Service Package (“Rotobrush Service”) is subject to all of the following terms and conditions. By contacting Eco Green we agree to all terms and conditions set forth on this web page.

2. The Roto-Brush service is sometimes called: “Rotobrush”, “Moto-Brush”or “Motor Brush,” and the tool to be used in the service is either or.

3. The customer understands and agrees that Eco-Green will use the Moto-Brush or the Roto-Brush Service to clean the air supply ducts. Eco-Green offers other services for maintenance or HVAC cleaning, Sanitation and energy efficient work, which are not included in the Rotobrush Service package.

4. The Rotobrush Service discounted rates is a one-time offer which only applies to first time customers at a single address only – it may be used once per person, and for only one address, regardless of any change of ownership; previous or current clients of Eco Green cannot obtain the promotional price regardless of the passage of time between service by Eco Green. The Rotobrush Special also is not available for apartments, Management Companies, Commercial Buildings, Contractors, Realtors, and Offices. (Special $90 price is valid to use once for each location).

5. Any subsequent service, inspection or cleaning shall be at Eco Green’s regular rates.

6. Eco Green uses method of cleaning using the Roto-Brush which is a rotating brush on a 25’ hose. We will take off each one of the supply vent covers to expose the air duct openings; the technician will then use the Roto-Brush in the duct, which will agitate the dust so the hose can vacuum out the debris through the HEPA vacuum connected to the System. We will separately open each one of the supply vents and will work individually on each air duct. The work will be performed from the inside of the house, going up on a 6 foot high ladder with the tool inserted into the air ducts. After the technician is done with the vacuuming process, they will reinstall the vent covers and vacuum the adjacent areas in an effort to keep the area free of dust.

7. In certain cases, based on the technician’s inspection of the systems, the technician can change the method of cleaning based on the condition/type/layout of the house. If the customer decides not to accept the change in the manner of service then the customer will not have to pay for the cleaning service.

8. Eco Green will not clean air ducts in the following circumstances: if asbestos is present or we suspect the presence of asbestos (Eco Green will not test for asbestos); if the ducts are fiberglass exposed-liners; if the air ducts are metal tubing or liners; if the air ducts are broken, or if the air ducts show evidence of exposure to radon; air ducts that are installed contrary to applicable building codes; air ducts that are installed in a manner that there is no vent cover access for service; and situations were there would be no access in case the Roto-Brush were to get stuck. Eco Green also reserves the right to decline to perform cleaning upon existing air ducts that appear unable to handle the pressure of the cleaning and which could break or be damaged by the process.

9. The Rotobrush Service is not effective for removing bad smells or bad odors. The Rotobrush Special Package does not include the following: cleaning air ducts for construction dust; cleaning or removing dead or alive animals ducts in which any form of hazardous material remediation was performed; dryer vent cleaning is not included; cleaning of the return air or box, unit cleaning or any other maintenance service offered by Eco-Green that is outside of the Rotobrush Service described herein.

10. The Deodorizer used by Eco Green is a non-toxic, environmentally safe spray that is intended to add good smells for short time after the cleaning only when you run the system; the Deodorizer will refresh the air that will flow through the air ducts, is “green” and safe. But, the Deodorizer will not eliminate smells from every kind of source; the customer is responsible is to notify Eco Green of any odor smells that comes from the air ducts prior to start work, Customer agrees and understand that “Roto-Brush” cannot take all odors or bad smells out of the duct work.

11. Other Additional Fees: If the vent covers are silicon glued or painted so that they cannot be removed without damaging the adjacent surfaces, the Service will not be provided and the fee will be fully earned. The Customer must first hire a handyman or otherwise remove the vents themselves prior to Eco Green’s arrival. Hire a handyman or otherwise remove the vents themselves prior to Eco Green’s arrival. If Eco Green has mobilized to the site and this condition exists, a fee equal to the total cost of the ordered service will be deemed earned even if no service has been provided.

12. Eco Green is not liable or responsible for any paint chipping around the vent/register that is caused by removing the vents in order to perform the cleaning.