Attic Inspections

Insulation is what helps keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Most homes built before the early 70’s followed poor insulation procedures. Most people are not even aware of what type of insulation is in their attic. They are not aware that they are wasting dollar after dollar on unnecessary utility charges because of poor insulation. Spaces or empty cavities in between the insulation are to blame for escaping energy. When you have these spaces and cavities throughout your attic it makes it difficult to keep the cool/heat in your home. In order for proper insulation you need to have all the spaces and cavities sealed. Electrical wires and plumbing run throughout the house and into the attic. These areas tend to be surrounded by empty spaces, which also need proper sealing. Our goal will be to get your attic floor fully insulated and to save you money on your electric bills.



green-check-3  Air Leak Check

green-check-3  Insulation R-values

green-check-3  Damage Assessment

green-check-3  Air Ducts Condition

green-check-3  Rodent Check

green-check-3  Energy Efficiency



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